Blue Beach Fossil Museum

The birth of ‘vertebrate paleontology in Canada’ took place one fine day in 1841, and it happened at Blue Beach, Nova Scotia (then known as Hortons Bluff). Sir William Logan discovered fossilized footprints of the first creatures, ever, to swim out of the water and walk on land, the tetrapods.

Today beacuse of the efforts and collecting (of these significant fossils) by citizen-paleontologist, Christopher F. Mansky there is a new understanding and appreciation for Blue Beach as being truly a world-class fossil site. Widespread interest has been generated by leading experts who now view the amassed collection as the global standard.

Blue Beach has now shown that there were anywhere from 6-10 kinds of tetrapods, making this an incredible diversity of early tetrapod life considering the sparseness of other tetrapod knowledge during this ‘Romer’s Gap’. Clearly this collection of fossils, now exceeding 70,000 lbs, has opened up about a hundred years of research.